November 2015 Paris attacks

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The entire world have heard of that horrible series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris, this mass shooting, hostage-taking and suicide bombings. These attacks were the deadliest on France since World War II. "An act of war" said our president, François Hollande.

During this year, we French endured Charlie Hebdo (a satiric newspaper) shooting, related anti-Semitic murders and attacks against factories, churches (they want to destroy our culture, our religion), shooting and stabbing in a train. We are shocked and I can only commiserate with the victims and their families. On November the 13th, we have stood by a mere massacre.

First commiseration, and then rage and anger.

Because we have to understand why all of this happened.

We were struck by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS). This is a Salafi jihadist extremist militant group, self-proclaimed to be a caliphate. It gained prominence after the collapse of Iraq, collapse due to the American military intervention of 2003. Their members are ancient Iraqi soldiers and officers converted to Salafism. They benefited too from the attempts by Western countries to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. ISIS has control over a part of both Syria and Iraq. It is affiliated to other terrorist organizations in Egypt, Libya, to Boko Haram too. French army detroyed Libya of Ghadafi, bring chaos in this counrtry, like Americans in Iraq, contributed to the spread of terrorism in Sahara region - after this military intervention in Libya, we had to fight in Mali. It's important to understand that ISIS is a consequence of a Western completly crazy policy.


France supported rebel groups, armed them, trained them. Our politicians had only one goal: to overthrow Assad (dictator of Syria received by our previous president many times), as they overthrew Ghadafi. On TV, we heard only of the crimes of Syrian army, never of the beheadings and rapes of the rebels. Our politicians played with fire. We faced the explosion..

Detroying Syria, France and its allies released a flow of migrants in Europe. Maybe 3 milions! Some are peaceful, of course, but there are also terrorists among them. Our politicians, media, left-wing artists forced us to accept them. They prefer Syrians to their own poor citizens. Authorities didn't control them. It was, and still is, a huge mess on borders and refugees camps. Besides, intelligence agencies of Turkey and Israel had warned of an imminent attack on our soil months before and even the day before the attacks. After bombing Islamic state, France had to prepare itself against terrorist attacks. No response, nothing done by our authorities. Now, we fear to live other tragedies like the one of last Friday. We believed we were a strong country, but we know now that we are weak and defenceless.

French and Western elite in general make wars, let people enter Europe, against our will, let periphery of main cities becoming Muslim disctricts. Their Policy is false, misleading, unrealistic. We are paying for it.

This slogan is so true: in the situation we are, we can only pray.

This slogan is so true: in the situation we are, we can only pray.

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